Skillful bankruptcy is an investment in the future.

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Specialization and services


The bankruptcy procedure of a legal entity is a multi-staged procedure that involves the debtor, creditors, authorized body, Prosecutor, court, temporary and bankruptcy Manager. It is based on the establishment of the debtor's insolvency and insolvency.


As part of the procedure, we offer 360-degree perspectives consulting both debtors and creditors, implement comprehensive solutions ensuring the full involvement of our team and the confidence of our Clients. We use our knowledge of financial, tax and corporate law, accounting and management accounting to complete our tasks. We have unique experience in such sectors of the economy as construction, real estate, trade, banking and advertising services.


In the interests of the debtor, we will prepare the company for a comfortable bankruptcy, stop attempts to abuse the right by creditors and government agencies, prevent possible risks for shareholders and officials, and ensure 100% legal write-off of all debt obligations. In the interests of the creditor, the firm is going to analyze the debtor's activities for the conclusion of suspicious transactions, preferred satisfaction of individual creditors ' claims, deliberate and false bankruptcy, and identify related and affiliated creditors of the debtor. In addition. The return of assets and the inevitability of liability of officials of the bankrupt will be ensured.

Analysis and preparation of the debtor. The firm guarantees the development of optimal plan for conducting managed (safe) bankruptcy; prevention of the criminal, administrative and other liability of executives of the legal entity - the debtor (JSC, LLP, etc.); elimination of inconsistencies in the financial, tax and management reporting;
Representation of interests in work with creditors. The firm will "disconnect" all creditors from you and the work with them will be organized independently. In addition, acceptable mechanisms of interaction with creditors will be implemented. We will convince lenders of the market reasons for the onset of bankruptcy. We will prevent the risks associated with fictitious bankruptcy and subsidiary liability of legal entity officials;
Representation of interests in law enforcement agencies. We will prevent the initiation of criminal proceedings by the economic investigation service and other law enforcement agencies in relation to the debtor's officials. We will obtain the conclusion of the agency regarding the legality of the bankruptcy procedure. We will prevent negative practices aimed at prosecuting officials of a legal entity;
Representation of interests in court. We will achieve the adoption of a court act declaring the debtor bankrupt, approving the final report that meets the requirements of the law and your interests. We will provide a highly qualified representation of interests throughout the procedure using all possible legal instruments;
Legal support for the work of the manager. We will provide the manager’s opinion regarding the possibility of bankruptcy proceedings without any signs of deliberate or false bankruptcy. We will control the activities and replace the destructive administrator. We will achieve the order to exclude the debtor from the register of legal entities.


Assessment of prospects and risk analysis for the creditor. A company will develop a plan for conducting controlled (uncompromising for the debtor) bankruptcy and inclusion in the register of claims. We will verify compliance with the law by other participants during the bankruptcy procedure. We will evaluate the lawfulness of the actions of the debtor and the possibility of bringing its officials to criminal, administrative and other liability;
Selection and maintenance of the administrator's work. We will provide the services of our highly qualified temporary and bankruptcy manager. We will ensure transparency and control over all the actions taken by the existing administrator. Where necessary, we will hold accountable or replace the destructive administrator. In addition, precautionary measures to prevent abuse by the administrator are going to be applied;
Representation of interests in work with the debtor and other creditors. We will effectively apply all possible mechanisms of personal subsidiary liability of the head of the debtor for all debts of the legal entity. We will identify affiliated and related creditors, hidden assets, as well as fraudulent transactions committed in the run-up to bankruptcy. We consolidate and organize the management of friendly creditors;
Representation of interests in court. We will achieve the adoption of a judicial act on on bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy, on bringing the debtor's officials to subsidiary liability, on approving or not approving the final report. We will challenge doubtful transactions and illegal distribution of bankruptcy estate. We will provide a professional representation of the interests of the creditor in the procedure using all legal instruments;
Representation of interests in law enforcement agencies. We will provide a conclusion regarding the illegality of bankruptcy proceedings. If there are grounds, we will initiate the bringing of guilty officials of the debtor to administrative or criminal liability.